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1. Always post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you askes, then write 11 new ones.
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My Q’s

#1. Watch Sherlock?

Uh have you seen my icon? Of course!

#2. Favorite movie?

Odd Tomas :3

#3. Favorite band?

Probs Paramore since I don’t listen to many bands

#4. Opinion on Andrew Scott?

Love him as an actor hate him for being Moriarty but love how he portrays Moriarty

#5. Play an instrument?

Guitar and piano

#6. Ever heard of Tintin? If so, do you like it?

Yes, its cute :D

#7. Like to travel?


#8. Extrovert or Introvert?


#9. Dogs or Cats?

Both, it depends on the situation, if its my house I would have both, an apartment I would have a cat, and I would have a dog whenever XD

#10. Favorite food?

Enchiladas or Salt and Vinegar chips

#11. What fictional character do you relate to the most?

A mix of Dean Winchester and Sherlock :D

Q’s for you

#1 Do you watch SPN/How did you find it?

#2 What books do you like

#3 Most recent movie

#4 Fav TV series

#5 Do you workout

#6 Coke or Pepsi

#7 Fav passtime

#8 Do you writ fanfictions? >.>   show me :D

#9 Fav hobby

#10 Biggest feat you accomplished

#11 Do you like me ;D

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You guys should follow xthelonelygirlsblogx she is awesome and is so fun! I love her to death and she is so open so ask her some Q’s!!!

Help a Broskie Out

So I am hoping to do something great for my mom. My mom is an awesomely great person and I really want to help her win a trip. We are in the midst of moving so there are not many things we can do (if any). So I am trying to win the Hobbit Fan Trip. If you guys could go on my twitter ( https://twitter.com/XSeeingStarsX ) and repost all of my Hobbit stuff I will draw each an everyone of you a portrait of any celebrity you want and mail it to you. Send me a message if you want an example.

Thanks guys :)